Our Story

Have you ever had perspiration wet marks just when you wanted to avoid them? Do you have an active commute and wish you had a top that you could wear underneath your blouse or under your vest that would absorb the perspiration marks, saving you from wet marks and your clothes from sweat stains? At Mode Citron, we are busy at work finding a sexy and sustainable solution that will allow you to transition from active to classy without worrying about perspiration.

I am Aleyda Baubert, founder of Mode Citron and I am very excited to welcome you to the Mode Citron family. I am in my 40s, love being active, working out, dancing, swimming you name it. Being married and having two beautiful young kids, I can only do that a few times a week but I am passionate about helping busy women lead active lives that will allow them to thrive professionally and personally. I am a fervent believer in movement and the good it does to our bodies. And I also believe physical activity can be inserted in our lives and it should be simple.

Check out one of the upcoming designs we are planning to launch mid 2017.  Mode Citron tops:

  • Are made of sustainable and incredibly soft modal, hemp, cotton and recycled polyester.

  • Provide enough coverage to replace a bra, think a great tank top.

  • Are light enough that you can wear underneath your clothes.

  • Are dressy enough that you can wear it as is.

  • Provide sufficient protection to not worry about sweat marks or stains when you are out and about.